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Organized Forest Crime (ORGFORC) - Combating Transnational organized forest crime

ORGFORC is a three-year (2013-2015) project aimed at reducing corruption and organized crime associated with illegal logging, thereby paving the way for REDD + and UN REDD funds and investments to also achieve significant sustainable development impacts on poverty reduction and better governance.  The project is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and implemented by GRID-Arendal, UNODC and the CITES Secretariat.

Project Goals:

1) Frontline protection-rangers: The project will increase the capacity of countries to address organized environmental crime more broadly by strengthening enforcement skills and tactics on the ground. This will aid a longterm change in the ability of countries to tackle not only environmental crime, but also other serious forms of crime, including drugs and smuggling of natural resources. It will also help them yo more effectively protect natural resources against armed criminals in protected areas.

2) International collaboration and UN REDD: The project will support improved mechanisms for collaboration with the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife (ICCWC) and UN REDD to help increase country efforts against organized environmental crime, which over time will help countries prevent loss of natural resoruces and the evolvement of organized crime.

3) Capacity to combad organized crime: The project will help combat organized crime through improved capacity in customs, police and the judiciary to investigate, seize, prosecute and help on asset recovery of tax evasions as well as build customs capacity to unravel the illegal flow of natural resources. Project ORCFORC works at several different levels, training the judiciary, investigators, and customs officers, but also frontline rangers that enforce the protection of protected areas and reserves that hold most of the remaining forests.

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Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests) is a consortium forests and climate initiative on combating illegal logging and organized forest crime. It is led by the INTERPOL Environmental Crime Programme and the GRID-Arendal, with financial support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

Project LEAF’s main goal is to support member countries to combat illegal logging and forest related crime through capacity building and training, and facilitate the exchange of information and intelligence between the countries involved.

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